About Voyanta:
Voyanta is a data warehouse and analytics tool designed to give you the complete view of your real estate portfolio and to highlight new opportunities for adding value. Voyanta fosters the development and adoption of data standards by providing a common platform that enables all participants in the real estate industry to utilize those standards to exchange data. It has in built data verification, eliminating time-consuming manual work and ensuring your decisions are based on clean, reliable data. Our suite of property, fund and loan reports and an Excel Add-In give you new insights into your portfolio. And, as Voyanta is cloud-based, key information and reports are easy for anyone to access.

One Place for all the information you need to manage your portfolio

Voyanta Data Model

Key Benefits:

  • Centralized Data Warehouse: Voyanta effortlessly helps you aggregate data from multiple external and internal sources, giving you a complete view of your portfolio.
  • Data Standardization and Validation: With automated data verification, you can rest assured your investment decisions and client reporting are based on trustworthy data. And with standardized data, you can view your portfolio on a consistent basis.
  • Real Estate Business Intelligence: Voyanta’s integrated business intelligence solutions, you can quickly obtain a consolidated view based on your reporting needs.
  • Investor Reporting and Analytics: Standard and bespoke reports built with real estate investors and lenders in mind allow key-decision makers and clients to have pertinent information at their fingertips.
  • Excel Integration: The Voyanta Excel Add-in combines the strength and security of Voyanta’s data warehouse with the power and flexibility of Excel. These ad hoc reporting capabilities lead to more answers and new insights, putting you ahead of the competition and increasing your clients’ satisfaction.

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