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ARGUS Enterprise: KNOW Your Portfolio, MANAGE Your Risk, INCREASE Your Profitability

ARGUS Enterprise is the new, leading-edge platform that merges three industry standard valuation and asset management solutions - ARGUS Valuation DCF, ARGUS Asset Management (formerly DYNA) and ARGUS Valuation - Capitalisation (formerly Circle) - with major enhancements onto one integrated platform. ARGUS Software has taken its experience combined with extensive customer feedback and added substantial functionality to deliver the ground breaking technological solution the commercial real estate market has been waiting for.

Your ability to combine your own expertise, global market knowledge, experience and data with the right investment management tools to make quick decisions can mean the difference between poor results and dramatic success.

ARGUS Enterprise provides the ability to know and understand the details of your portfolio, expertly manage your risk and ultimately control your destiny.

ARGUS Enterprise: The Global Standard, Tomorrow's Technology Today

  • Centralize Your Property Files

    ARGUS Enterprise ("AE") offers the unprecedented ability to easily and succinctly consolidate your ARGUS Valuation DCF files into a common database and allows you to perform sophisticated analysis, sensitivity and reporting. AE will soon allow you to harmonize files from ARGUS Asset Management, ARGUS Valuation - Capitalisation and ARGUS Valuation DCF through a common calculation engine.

  • Accommodate the Global and Local Requirements of any Portfolio

    ARGUS Enterprise is the future of investment management and satisfies the needs of all three global valuation methods. AE allows users to understand the local requirements such as the differing lease structures of any locality or the varying valuation methodologies of specific countries, while still providing a high level view into the key performance indicators of your global portfolio.

  • Unparalleled Portfolio Reporting at the Speed of Business Today:

    Merge and graphically report on tenant, property, portfolio and operational information contained in ARGUS Enterprise to provide transparency into your underlying data.

  • Regulatory Compliance Standards You Can Count On

    Today's regulatory environment dictates the use of generally accepted standards. AE provides market tested standards that are audit worthy.

  • Lease-by-Lease Foundation

    With over 25 years of experience and over 150,000 use cases in our history, ARGUS Software is uniquely positioned to provide you analytical tools with a foundation in lease-by-lease methods to derive proper and reliable analyses from.

  • Real Sensitivity Analysis for Real-Time Decisions

    AE will quickly analyze your investments based on ever changing market conditions. AE's powerful sensitivity capabilities will improve decision making for acquisitions, dispositions and benchmarking portfolio performance.

  • Expert Budgeting, Forecasting and Performance Measurement

    ARGUS Enterprise allows for role-based workflow, proactive validation and detailed job cost budgeting. Driven by a common database across multiple systems, ARGUS Enterprise can combine historical, budget and projected data.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards

    All ARGUS Software solutions are designed with best practices and recommendations of industry standards setting organizations. ARGUS maintains board level involvement in global real estate organizations such as Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate (OSCRE/ PISCES).

  • Don't Look for Market Data, Bring It With You

    AE will give you the ability to integrate third-party market data directly into your analysis*. The efficiency and accuracy of your analysis will be increased by bringing the market data your assumptions are based on into AE. Immediate evaluation of your conclusions, benchmarking and performing risk management within AE can also be done. ARGUS plans to enable you to further enhance the value of your data through its aggregation capabilities and the opportunity to leverage it into a more robust data set.

* With data provider cooperation

  • Leverage Your Existing Technology Investment to Embrace the Next Generation

    ARGUS Enterprise provides a migration path for all existing customers of its industry standard solutions. All clients active on maintenance will be entitled to like-for-like seats/functionality of AE.

    Further, all AE users will find that ARGUS Enterprise works more seamlessly than any other commercially available tool to connect information across your various internal systems. AE works with any property management system and is the first step towards the solution of the future, which is a best of breed, unified, interoperable, globally relevant, enterprise-level investment management tool. AE is the product of tremendous user feedback, comments and recommendations.

    With origins from industry standard valuation solutions in use by over 90,000 commercial real estate practitioners worldwide, ARGUS Enterprise is the only solution that can truly leverage the best practices of the past into the market needs of the future.

  • Best Time to Value in the Business

    Utilizing the industry standard solutions and experienced consultants of the leading providers of software and services for managing the value, risks, and operations of real estate investments worldwide, ARGUS Software offers one of the most efficient and comprehensive implementation processes in the industry today.

  • Consistency, Transparency and Efficiency for Increased Enterprise Value

    Maximizing investment performance across your portfolio requires the ability to identify risks, test and adjust strategies, and ultimately make sound business decisions in an effort to provide impressive returns and create real enterprise value. AE provides the consistency, transparency and efficiency necessary to accomplish these objectives and ultimately control the destiny of your business.

    ARGUS Enterprise is comprised of five powerful components. These include:

Argus Enterprise Platform


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