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Real Estate Development Analysis Software

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ARGUS Developer is an established real estate software program in use by thousands of owners, commercial developers, home builders, land developers, agents and financial institutions throughout the world. Users tell us our software saves them 75% of the time it takes to create an analysis by building spreadsheets.

Combining feasibility with sensitivity analysis and a powerful discounted cash flow provides you with a flexible, consistent and stable platform.

Executive level views of single and multi-phased projects allow changes to be assessed instantly. The finance component provides for detailed debt and equity financing and advanced waterfall profits for precise deal structuring.

By reducing risk and freeing resources within your organization, ARGUS Developer helps you to focus on your core business.

  • Uses the latest look and feel based on Microsoft Office standards.
  • Tailored input screens for commercial, retail, residential and operated assets developments
  • Capitalizes rental income, percentage rent and operating income/expenses
  • Land values can be fixed, calculated automatically, or a combination of both using determinants such as Equity IRR
  • Flexible start, end and duration of development stages within each phase
  • Link timing of phases and development stages to any other phase or stage
  • Change order of phases, copy, insert and delete
  • All costs and receipts automatically linked to appropriate development stages
  • Discounted cash flow calculates IRR and NPV � with and without effect of finance
  • Multiple standard cash flow views to show receipts/costs, finance charges and finance sources
  • Custom grouping and sorting within the cash flow to provide different levels of detail
  • Sensitivity analysis can vary up to six different variables simultaneously, including operated assets, with up to 15 step changes for each variable
  • Infrastructure phases can automatically allocate costs to other phases
  • Email project files or PDF reports, or export to MS Word or MS Excel
  • Includes a comprehensive package of reports that can be downloaded to MS Excel
  • KPI dashboard is updated in real time to show KPIs for continuous analysis
  • Web-based maps integrated into project screen
  • Saves both data and calculated results in XML format
  • Files can be saved as templates to facilitate rapid analysis of similar opportunities in the future

Structured and advanced finance
  • Provide for unlimited number of debt and equity participants
  • Model finance structures down to individual phase level
  • Mortgage refinancing to clear debt when income stabilization occurs
  • Simple and advanced waterfall profit distributions to debt and equity sources
  • Easily calculate preferred and waterfall returns including: IRR "look back", promote and residual percentage waterfalls
  • Analyze after tax IRRs and returns on equity for each finance source with a straightforward percentage of tax on profits before and after tax
  • Determine the correct land purchase price based on targeted returns

Provides consistency and reduces errors:
  • Reduces the need for cumbersome, proprietary spreadsheets
  • Eliminates carry-over errors from previous projects
  • Presents projects in a consistent entry grid and cash flow format
  • Consistently calculate results in real time to allow proper benchmarking of projects and significantly reduce the errors common to using spreadsheets
  • Templates provide consistency when setting up new projects by creating defaults for common costs and rates

Saves time, money and jobs:
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Fine tuning of the cash flow makes it simple to reduce costs and maximize profits
  • Results are calculated in real time so that the effect of any change is seen instantly
  • Color-coded map of sensitivity results allows instant analysis

Increased flexibility and details:
  • Models any type of real estate development including commercial, retail, residential, operated assets and even simple investments
  • Show KPIs and profit for each finance structure or for entire project
  • Show a cash flow for each debt or equity source showing their participation in each of the different finance structures
  • Evaluate risk using sensitivity analysis, showing where small changes to variables have a big effect on the profitability of the project
  • Run "highest and best use" scenarios on different combinations of phases to maximize profit

  • Integration to ARGUS budgeting and valuation software
  • Telephone support for clients available 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, five days per week and at during the first year of purchase or under a current ARGUS service plan
  • Annual program updates as part of the ARGUS service plan
  • Training and implementation services from our expert teams globally
  • Bespoke Report service available (contact ARGUS for pricing information)
  • Customer Feedback Center built into the application enables clients to drive the development of new features
  • ARGUS Zone - free online collaboration service available to all ARGUS clients




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