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ARGUS Valuation DCF 16 (DCF 16) is now an integral part of the ARGUS Enterprise family of solutions. By combining the industry leading cash flow projection and valuation capabilities of DCF with the power and flexibility of the ARGUS Enterprise asset management platform, small businesses and the largest enterprises alike can more efficiently manage their assets, mitigate risk and make informed strategic planning decisions.

DCF 16 sets a new standard for appraisers, brokers, developers, managers, investors, lenders and other real estate professionals and provides access to a range of sophisticated asset and investment management tools available in the other modules of ARGUS Enterprise.

  • Save valuable time
    Enjoy time saving benefits from the new DCF interface. Real time calculations, dual monitor support and the ability to edit multiple properties at the same time will speed decision-making for acquisitions, dispositions and benchmarking portfolio performances.

  • Secure and organized
    Use the power of the database architecture and role based security features to better manage and protect your data. The addition of a centralized Chart of Accounts allows for reporting and modeling standardization with better portfolio reporting.

  • Integrated and accessible
    Enhanced integration capabilities, including dynamic two way Excel integration, integration with Property Management data, integration of valuation, budgeting and asset management activities.

  • Modular solution that grows with your business needs
    DCF converges the core functionality of ARGUS Enterprise, Asset Management and coming soon Valuation Capitalisation into an integrated suite, you now have the ability to perform analysis like never before. Additional functionality such as sensitivity, budgeting, portfolio analytics and investment structures can easily be added to give you the complete suite.

  • Modeling templates for all property types and mixed-use projects
  • Automatic calculations with split screen views and dual monitor support
  • Database architecture with a robust user role and data security model
  • Dynamic Excel integration
  • Audit tracking, calculation validation and data reviews
  • Detailed property, tenant, market and portfolio reporting
  • Global classifications, custom property & tenant classifications
  • Multi-measure and multi-currency (FX) conversions
  • Comprehensive tenant modeling, including recoveries & market leasing
  • Property Management integration tools & support for actuals
  • Compatible with DCF 15
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