ARGUS Developer
The most trusted tool in the real estate industry

More professional real estate developers trust their development projections and analyses to ARGUS Developer than any other real estate software solution. Used by thousands of owners, commercial developers, home builders, land developers, agents and financial institutions around the world, ARGUS Developer combines feasibility with sensitivity analysis and investment structures into one customizable bundle. Developers can customize as needed with our Project, Structured Finance and Budget modules to forecast and track cash flows, maximize profitability and provide consistent and transparent reports for investors.

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“Our principal strength is being able to analyse development situations, identify opportunities, deliver the appropriate product and bring it successfully to market. ARGUS Developer is fundamental to this process.”

Adam Courtenay Development Manager, Chancerygate

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“Without a doubt, ARGUS Developer is the most robust development analysis program we’ve found. The time it takes us to analyze a deal has been cut by eighty percent since we moved to ARGUS Developer, which means we’re that much quicker to make an offer or move on to the next one. It’s hard to understand how we got along without it.”

Dan Tagliere Principal, MacauLand Holdings Ltd.