The 2015 ARGUS University Challenge

The 5th Annual ARGUS Software University Challenge is underway.  For the past several years, ARGUS Software has hosted a competitive challenge to university students from around the world giving away over sixty thousand dollars in prize money and hundreds of thousands of dollars in software.

Supporting universities and their students with software endowments and professional training, students learn and use the tools of the trade for real estate investment analysis and data-driven decision making.  ARGUS donates software to over 100 university programs and certifies hundreds of university students each year.

The ARGUS University Challenge helps students to take the skills they have learned and apply them in a fun and rewarding way.  The challenge starts soon.  Teams should be submitted by January 19th to get started.  Email for more information.

The Challenge

Student teams work through a fictitious scenario and create the most compelling commercial real estate opportunity.  Students use ARGUS solutions to model, plan and optimize their investment scenarios to support their decisions.  This year’s Challenge is “Think Green 2015”.  Green for sustainability or profits, that’s entirely up to each team.


Last year’s winner

University of San Diego took home the top prize last year 2014.  Papers are judged for their creativity, analysis and presentation.  Top commercial real estate executives, academics and ARGUS executives make up the judging panel.   This year, the winner will be announced at ARGUS Connect, the ARGUS Customer Conference at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel in California.  Good luck to all the teams.


University of San Diego Team Picture from left to right: Omar El-Mofty, William Bettencourt, Victor Alfonso, Benjamin Murray and Jon Mesa.  Charles Tu was the sponsoring professor (not pictured above)