Our London Office has moved!

Come check out our new office  at:

3rd Floor
91 – 94 Saffron Hill

A month after the move into our modern 7000 SQFT office in Central London, the packing crates are gone and the teething problems are mostly resolved.  What a great improvement the new office is over the old, its twice the size and a much better place to work.

London Office

Split level space.

This is just another aspect of the improvements we have seen in ARGUS over the last couple of years. The requirement for more space has come from the success we are having in EMEA, due to hitting our release dates and the renewed activity in the company.

The London office is a blur with activity as we experience unprecedented growth and activity in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Our new space allows us to meet the needs of our customers and allows the developers to code without tripping over each other.

(P.S. My Favourite part of the new office – Table Football)


Developers taking a break from coding all night

Developers taking a break from coding all night

Paul Broadley
VP of Development
ARGUS Software